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The Board of Directors who are the full member have the supreme authority to taking decision and directing the movement to fulfill its objectives.  The Board of Director shall be composed of 13 members.  Out of that 12 & shall be elected by and from full members of the association and the Secretary shall be ex officio member of the Board. One third of the Board members will retire every year.

List of Honorary Secretaries up to 1946

Name Name
 Mr. T. K. Varghese  Mr. George Oommen
 Mr. V. M. Varghese  Mr. P.C. Chacko
 Mr. Mathew T. Kurian  Mr. P. John Easow
 Mr. Jacob John  Mr. K. Varghese
 Mr. G.S. Ellias  Mr. Mathai Varghese
 Mr. P.V. Thomas  Mr. T.M. John
 Mr. V.P. Thomas  Mr. P.K. Philip

List of Secretaries From 1946

Name Year
 Mr. T. D. George  1946 49
 Mr. P. C. Chacko  1949 50
 Mr. T. D. George  1956 79
 Mr. George Mathew  1979
 Mr. P. A. George  1979 1998
 Mr. P. John George  1998 Feb. 2004
 Mr. David Gainneos  Feb. 2004 May 2004
 Mr. N. V. Eldo  May 2004   2010
 Mr. Reji Varghese  2010 14
 Mr. C. Selvin Kumar  2014

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