Kollam YMCA in the service of humanity since 1924 


Merciful God,

We thank you for the great legacy "The Young Men's Christian Association". As its members, we pray that our vision may be renewed so that we may seek to unite all young men who regard Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour.

While we are working for the development of body, mind and spirit, help us to associate our efforts for the extension of your kingdom. Give us vision along with faith, modesty along with steadfast ness, vigorousness along with enthusiasm so that we may work for a new society based on truth, justice and love. We pray for the YMCA's all over the world. Oh God, transform us into strong links of a strong chain.



We are empowering people to respond creatively to the challenges of society since 1924.  We are committed to develop the Body, Mind & Spirit of all people irrespective of caste, colour, creed & race.   We are part of a global community.


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President’s Message

Let me express my heart-felt gratitude to God who helped me to be elected as the 18th President of Kollam YMCA, which came into being on 4th February 1924 under the president ship of Mr. John Markie, and also to the YMCA family members who supported and encouraged me. I remember with joy the former presidents who, during the past 86 years, led the YMCA to grow into an outstanding institution.

In 2010, we are facing a situation similar to the one in which Sir. George Williams prayerfully started YMCA in 1844. For that reason, the YMCA and its activities are of great significance even today.

The Society we live in, claims to be post-modern and lets loose new tendencies and cultures that are a challenge to Christian values and common justice. I look upon the YMCA as a beacon that should shed light on the darkness of a corrupt social system in which self-centeredness and cruelty are rampant and wide-spread. It is the duty of YMCA to create a counter-culture:- of a Christ-centered way of life, in which people think more of others than themselves.

I believe that this would ultimately lead to the realization of the YMCA –dream of the extension of the Kingdom of God. Every member of the YMCA is called to fulfill the mission of ecumenical unity and fraternity. We should devote our talents, time and finance for this purpose. With a view to empowering the youth at different levels like Kids-Y, Hi-Y, Uni-Y, we are planning activities and programmes to their tastes.

The major projects of our YMCA this year are the completion of the YMCA Camp Centre, Pullichira and the inauguration of YMCA Day Care Centre and Play School. The renovation of IGH, YMCA Canteen and Hostel are also among this year’s projects. A thorn in the flesh is the YMCA land issue, which requires our prayers and careful dealing. I am sure that we will be able to face these challenges with our prayers, co-operation and God’s grace.

I request once again to uphold YMCA, the office-bearers and activities in your prayers.

M. Baby Sam



YMCA Leader- A Missionary Steward

A leader is one who shows the way and goes the way. He has a major missionary role to play. A missionary is one who is sent to propagate the good news of salvation and abundant life. As YMCA leaders, our prayer must be “God, prepare me to serve this movement and empower me to live myself and my community from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light and from death to life”.

Let us remember that we can transform people around us by transforming ourselves first and setting a living model to them. A YMCA leader must be spiritually strong, emotionally balanced and ready to accept challenges, contemporary realities and changing situations. To be a missionary, he must first be a visionary, Then only he can be a catalyst for change. YMCA members should take it as a privilege and a responsibility to extent the ingdom of God through mission-oriented programmes. In fact every member of the YMCA is a leader and a missionary.

Stewardship demands a more responsible, accountable and socially auditable action than mere management. Our talents, gifts and resources should be carefully utilized in the implementation of youth-focused projects and programmes. As leaders we must have the spirit of accommodation, openness of mind and Christ-like attitude.

May God bless & help you all to take up this challenge as a YMCA member and leader.

Yours in YMCA service

Reji Varghese

General Secretary.


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